His name is Mark Miller and he's from Brooklyn New York. His invention . . . a sport known as "TRANGLEBALL®".

First off the bat, please keep in mind . . . there's no "i" in Trangleball®. IT'S A TEAM SPORT".

It was 3 am while waiting for the final band to finish their rehearsal in his music studio. He picked up a ball and threw it at the corner of the room where the 2 walls met the ceiling. After throwing it at what was seemingly the exact same spot, he noticed that each time the ball was rebounding in a different direction. Sometimes it went left, sometimes right, sometimes high or low.

It occurred to him that if he prototyped this corner and made it portable it would make a great product to help improve a ball player's reflexes. The following day he sawed a 4x4 piece of plywood from corner to corner (As he says "the way my mom used to cut my sandwiches"). He then nailed 3 of the 4 triangles together resembling a corner. Instead of the ceiling, he now had a portable corner with 2 walls and a floor.

It worked just as well but he walked over to the prototype and flipped it over. He then realized that he, in fact, built a 3 sided pyramid.

He began to throw the ball at one of the panels but the ball rebounded right back to him. He thought to himself "this is fun but it will not improve ones reflexes as I had hoped".

Then his "AH-HA!!!" moment came . . . . "If I ran 5 steps to the right of the panel that I was throwing the ball at an opponent would have to take 5 steps to the left to catch it." The reflex was back in the concept but now it was a competitive game.

After a few hours of playing with his employees he realized that there were 2 other sides that were not being utilized. So then he had them play 3 games going at once with 1 vs.1 on each panel and a total of 3 balls and 6 players. As time went on he eventually eliminated 2 balls and created a passing game between the players (3 vs 3), 2 players adjacent to each of the 3 panels. All the rules and articles explaining Trangleball® can be seen on this website.

His advice to anyone with an idea is . . . "Prototype it. It's difficult to build on an idea without something to physically touch and play with. A prototype will build fresh new ideas. Without my first proto I'd still be throwing the ball at the inside corners instead of flipping it on the pyramid side."

Trangleball® is now being played on sand, grass and hard court in camps and YMCA's all over the country.

The New York Department of Corrections purchased 10 games from him in the early 90's. He went there to teach inmates and corrections officers on many occasions. The response was great!

Then a recreational student at a university in the Czech Republic did his thesis on Trangleball® in 2000. After he received his doctorate in recreation his professors invited Miller to "The European Sports Conference" there to do a 10-day workshop with 500 recreation educators throughout Europe. It went fantastic and he returned home on 9/4/2001.

Trangleball® is now being played in a few universities in Czech Republic. It is also being played in New Zealand, Japan, France and probably a few countries that we're unaware of.

His dream is obvious!

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