One team plays defense (all goalies), right outside the short line. This line is only made to protect the players from getting too close to the Trangle. The offensive team sets up outside the long line.

A point is scored when the offensive team hits the face of the Trangle in their sector with the ball. They can all move but not in front of the long line. Defensive players cannot go beyond the long line.

Each team has 10 attempts at a time.

IMPORTANT: A softer ball can be used because a "rebounding" ball isn't needed.


Up to 30 children can play.

Set-Up: Place Trangle in center of field. Create sidelines and short line at least 8' from Trangle. Sideline angles determined by the amount of players.

Teams retire just like in real baseball. Play as many innings as you want.


  • First team plays field.
  • Second team at bat.
  • Batter throws ball off face of Trangle making sure the ball passes the short line and inside the foul lines on a fly.
  • If the fielder catches a flyball that's one out.
  • If it bounces one time...single.
  • If it bounces two times...double.
  • If it bounces three times...triple.
  • If it bounces four times...Home Run.

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